RSS Feeds from your Catalog

SIRSI is the first automation to include RSS feeds from the catalog. It is part of their Enterprise Portal Solution. Actually, they also provide feeds from within SingleSearch, MuseGlobal, and Google results. A post at the Shifted Librarian actually explains this better than I can.

Why is this important?

Let’s say that I’m interested in anything you purchase having to do with Texas history. If you have an RSS feed enabled, I could create a search strategy (or you could help me) and then I could subscribe to that feed. Whenever you purchased material that fell within that search, I am immediately notified via your automation system. If you do this over multiple libraries (as with SIRSI’s MuseGlobal product), then I will know when any of them receive material matching my criteria.

Think about creating an RSS feed using the Library of Texas. Decide which libraries you want to search, create your search strategy and subscribe to the feed. I’ll know when materials appear in the libraries I chose. (FYI — this capability is not there yet . . . just suppose . . .)


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