Searching for Video

Google just rolled out a beta version of Google Video. According to Google, it currently searches the text of shows on PBS, Fox, C-SPAN, ABC, NBC, KQED, and KRON (the last two are San Francisco stations). Since it is in beta, it searches just a small number of stations and programs.

I searched for Johnny Carson and saw programming from this afternoon. You are actually searching text from the closed captioning. If you’ve ever watched the closed captioned text during a program, you will know that sometimes the words look garbled. In addition to the spoken text, you also see audio cues. It isn’t perfected yet, but it has possibilities.

At this point, you cannot see the video itself — you see a still picture. It looks, however, like Google is also investigating the addition of video.

Yahoo has also introduced a beta version of their video search. Different than Google, they currently search avi, mpeg, Quicktime, Windows Media, and Real formats. In addition to searching these Internet-based formats, states that they are or will be searching the closed captioned text from the BBC and Bloomberg.


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