Nofollow Value for Web Pages

From SearchEngineWatch:

If you have a web page that invites others to participate (e.g., comments or guest books), you may not want your site to be associated with the links that others are providing. Particularly if you are spammed through your comments, your ranking within search engines may decrease.

Google has created a “nofollow” value
for the rel attribute. The rel attribute can only be used with the and
elements. In most cases, you’ll be using it with the element. The rel attribute specifies what type of link it is. The HTML standard does not include a list of values that could be used with rel. Google has decided to try to use “nofollow” as one of the values. You may have a link that looks like:

This would mean that when a search engine indexes your site, it will skip those links with the nofollow value, because you did not place that link there — someone else did.

Both Yahoo and MSN are implementing this value in the search engines crawls. Ask Jeeves is considering it. Some of the blogging software is also implementing it.

So, why bother? Part of the reason would be to be sure your site shows up as high as possible within search engine results. Another would be to decrease spam to your site. After all, if the search engines aren’t indexing the nofollow links, then the spammers are not getting the visibility they want.

(Sorry you’ve seen this post so many times — I had to figure out how to incorporate HTML tags within the post.)


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