Making Windows XP Start Faster

PC Magazine has posted part of Curt Simmons’ Windows XP Speed Solutions book. The section deals with making Windows XP (including Service Pack 2) boot more quickly. There are many techniques you can consider:

  • Stopping unneeded startup services
  • Manual IP addressing
  • Disabling recent documents
  • Disabling boot logo
  • Removing unwanted fonts
  • Stopping remote assistance/remote desktop sharing
  • Updating device drivers
  • Stopping Windows Messenger
  • Speeding up logons to Windows domains
  • Speeding up dual-boot timeout
  • Speeding up PPPoE connection
  • Editing PC setup program
  • Disabling unused devices
  • Reducing wait time for shutdown
  • Stopping NVIDIA driver
  • Automatically killing tasks on shutdown

You will probably not want to implement all of these techniques — it will depend upon your network infrastructure. Please be careful when you make any of these changes. In some cases, you will be working directly with the registry.

If you are interested in the book:
Simmons, Curt. PC Magazine Windows XP Speed Solutions. Indianapolis, IN: Wiley Publishers, 2005. ISBN 0764578146.
The Library of Congress has posted the table of contents.


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