NYPL Digital Gallery

New York Public Library has provided a new service — NYPL Digital Library. At this time, there are 275,000 items available for viewing or download. There is quite a variety of subjects covered — Civil War, sheet music covers, fashion illustrations, 16th century maps, Revolutionary War scenes, New York City history.

There are a number of things I really like about this site:

  • The breadth of subjects covered — and they aren’t yet done!
  • The design of the site — the home page has a lot of information, but it is relatively easy to navigate.
  • The many access points — keyword search, advanced search (title, numbers, field searching, limiting by collection), browse by name, browse by subject, browse by collection, browse by broad subject area (i.e., arts & literature, cities & buildings, culture & society).
  • User-specific functionality — you can view the most recent 50 searches you have run in the current session and you can save pointers to specific items via cookies.
  • Curator’s Choice — this looks like an area that will highlight different items from their collections.
  • According to the NYPL press release, the materials ” can be viewed in three sizes and may be downloaded free of charge for personal use.” You can also order photographic prints for a fee.

Great site!


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