Would you like to purchase the DVD for a movie as soon as it hits the theaters? Research at the University of California-Los Angeles is just starting to look at how this might be done. Although in its formative stages, right now they are thinking:

  • DVDs would be embedded with an RFID tag.
  • DVD players would have an RFID reader.
  • The DVDs would have to be authenticated through an online network.

So, only RFID DVD players could read an RFID DVD and only if the DVD was found to be legal, via an authentication service.

Although the article primarily talks about purchasing DVDs when movies are in theaters, this technology has more far-reaching possibilities. This could be one way digital rights management is implemented for all DVD or DVD-type technologies. How would fair use fit into this scenario?


One response to “RFID and DVDs

  1. Sandy March 31, 2009 at 8:12 pm

    Check out the CD/DVD dispensing system made in USA for libraries. Already installed in many libraries across the country, this eliminates the issues of media management and security….plus it houses a complete self-check in it.

    Check it out at: http://www.allCIRC.com …there are also some cool YouTube videos there of its operation.

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