Google Blog Search . . . Beta

Google has yet another beta service — Blog Search. You can get to this service in four ways:

Blog Search searches all blogs that have a site feed. At this point, it only searches blogs from June 2005 on. Google is working on ways to include older posts.

You can subscribe to the search itself. At the bottom of each page of search results, you’ll see both Atom and RSS listed, each with an option of 10 or 100 results. Copy the URL and paste into your aggregator. Any new posts that conform to the search strategy will automatically be sent to you. Although this functionality is not new, it is nice to know it is available.

[from beSpecific]


0 responses to “Google Blog Search . . . Beta

  1. Ashley September 22, 2005 at 1:24 pm

    They did take their time to come to the blog search world now didn’t they …

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