Top Searches in 2006

Both Google and Yahoo have posted the top searches of 2006.

Yahoo has a number of different Top 10 categories:  overall searches,  news story searches, celebrity searches, celebrity baby searches, TV show searches, blog/blogger searches, sports team searches, politican searches, song lyric searches, movie searches, and international.  They also have an interesting way of manipulating this data to show you who/what was important by month.

Google also has many categories for Top 10: searches in, searches in Google News, What’s Hot (who is/what is/how to/define), Current Events (where is/scandal), Milestones (wedding/divorce/obituary), Entertainment (tickets, showtimes), and Sports (jerseys/retire).

However, there is a difference in how these top 10’s were calculated.  Yahoo uses straight popularity, e.g., Britney Spears was the most searched phrase.  Google compared searches from 2005 with those from 2006 and identified those search terms whose popularity increased the most over the past year.  That may explain why “bebo” is Google’s top search term and not “Britney Spears.”

[from AppScout]


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