Apple’s iPhone

Apple has just announced a new type of phone — the iPhone. Beyond being a phone, it is also an iPod, has a camera and a 3.5″ high resolution wide screen for viewing graphics and videos, and embedded Wi-Fi. It sounds great as a consumer device. It, however, is currently tied only to the Cingular network and, when it comes out in June will cost between $499 (4GB) and $599 (8GB).

This device has definitely leaped ahead of other smart phones. There is no stylus — everything is done with your fingers. You can increase and decrease the size of screens by dragging two fingers apart or together.

Apple has provided video clips on how to use the device: Widescreen iPod (music and video), Revolutionary Phone (calls, voicemail, SMS, photos), Breakthrough Internet Device (Safari, mail, maps, widgets), High Technology (multi-touch, OS X, wireless, sensors).

According to, there is no way to edit attachments and allows only Yahoo! email. So, at this point, it isn’t a replacement for your Blackberry or Treo. Still, the ability take advantage of Wi-Fi is a huge advantage — and one I’ve been waiting for!



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