UT-Austin and Google Books

The University of Texas at Austin has recently become a partner in the Google Books Library Project. UT-Austin librarians will provide selection lists from which Google will digitize at least one million volumes. Volumes in the public domain will be provided through Google Book Search with the ability to search, view and read. Volumes still under copyright will be searchable, but only a few lines will be displayed. Publishers can opt out of this program.

Other libraries in this project include:

Although it isn’t stated in the press release, Google has promised to provide a copy of the digital files to each of the participating libraries. I hope that is true here, too.

[from University of Texas Libraries]


2 responses to “UT-Austin and Google Books

  1. Mary Mills March 8, 2007 at 4:52 pm

    Hi, Christine Peterson,

    I previously worked at Helen Hall Library in League City. I attended some of your State meetings and learned good information from them. Questions:
    Will Google also digitize pictures/illustrations within text of nonfiction or fiction books…will digitizing within materials be “text as is” or partial text? Will the illustrations all be held within an Illustrations Only site at Google (something like Texshare d/b does). Just curious.

    Thanks! Mary By the way, I corrected my email address.

  2. Christine Peterson April 6, 2007 at 5:55 pm

    Mary —

    To my knowledge Google scans the entire book, including the illustrations. I don’t think they make these types of decisions as they are scanning.

    Maybe someone else can comment?


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