Google and YouTube and Now . . . DoubleClick

Google has agreed to purchase DoubleClick, a company that is one of the top web advertising firms.  After Google’s purchase of YouTube (video) and now DoubleClick (online advertising), there are questions as to their ultimate goal. In the DoubleClick press release, three advantages for this merger are identified:

  • For users, the combined company will deliver an improved experience on the web, by increasing the relevancy and the quality of the ads they see.
  • For online publishers, the combination provides access to new advertisers, which creates a powerful opportunity to monetize their inventory more efficiently.
  • For agencies and advertisers, Google and DoubleClick will provide an easy and efficient way to manage both search and display ads in one place. They will be able to optimize their ad spending across different online media using a common set of metrics.

It will be interesting to see if Google will indeed be able to increase advertising and still make the ads relevent and unobtrusive.



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