Best Practices for XML Internationalization

The World Wide Web Consortium has published an updated working draft of Best Practices for XML Internationalization. From the draft:

This document provides a set of guidelines for developing XML documents and schemas that are internationalized properly. Following the best practices described here allow both the developer of XML applications, as well as the author of XML content, to create material in different languages.

As stated above, two of the primary sections deal with developers of XML applications and authors of XML content. Within the second section, these best practices are identified:

  1. Specify the language of the content
  2. Specify text directionality if needed
  3. Override translatability information if needed
  4. Assign unique identifiers to text items when possible
  5. Use CDATA sections with caution
  6. Provide comments for translators
  7. Ensure any inserted text is context-independent
  8. Use entity references with caution
  9. Place sub-flow elements with caution

In the above list, #7 and #9 are new in this revision

[from W3C News]


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