“Helping You Buy” Integrated Library Systems

Richard Wayne, of The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, added another in the “Helping You Buy” series in October 2006 Computers in Librariesthis one on integrated library systems.  As opposed to the recent Breeding article, which brings you up to date on the business side of integrated library system vendors, Wayne provides details of the software itself.

Wayne provides details on 46 different systems, some from the same vendors.  He provides the following information for each:

  • Year of general release
  • Primary market
  • Server operating system/environments supported
  • Staff client architecture
  • Pricing structure based upon . . .
  • ASP option available?
  • Bibliographic utility interface?
  • Book/serial vendor interface?
  • Display book jackets or reviews?
  • Show chapter excerpts?
  • Patrons submit book reviews?
  • Barcode and RFID self-checkout integration?
  • ERM interoperability?
  • Supports metasearch as client?  As server?
  • Integrates digital content?
  • Send notices?  If so, via . . .
  • Patron account self-service feature?
  • Measure in-house usage statistics?
  • Output formats for custom reports
  • Customers control patron record retention?
  • Admin control system log retention?
  • Additional features
  • How customer support is provided
  • User’s group available?

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