5 Tips to Increase RSS Subscribers

From the Got Chance blog, 5 ways to increase the number of RSS subscribers you have:

  1. Make it stand out (the subscription button/text, that is)
  2. Offer a full feed
  3. Post the subscriber count
  4. Display the subscribe button/text more than once on a page
  5. Provide the option to subscribe via email

I particularly like the second and last items.  I really dislike getting feeds that are not complete.  Unless it is very focused on a subject I need, then I will usually delete feeds that only provide me with the first few sentences.  I usually don’t have time to click through to see the entire post.  The last item, too, is very helpful.  Not everyone is comfortable using RSS.  Providing a way to subscribe via email is great.  I need to do this for this blog!

Like the LibrarianInBlack, I also disagree with the third point.  If I provided a commercial blog, maybe that would make sense.  On a library blog?  As long as you can get some types of statistics, you’re OK.  The statistics don’t have to be public.

[from LibrarianInBlack]

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