CSS 2.1 Candidate Recommendation

Version 2.1 of Cascading Style Sheets is now a Candidate Recommendation from the World Wide Web.  Significant changes include:

  • New color value: ‘orange’
  • New ‘display’ value: ‘inline-block’
  • New ‘content’ values ‘none’ and ‘normal’.
  • New ‘white-space’ values: ‘pre-wrap’ and ‘pre-line’
  • New ‘cursor’ value: ‘progress’
  • Redefined “computed value” and created the concept of “used value” so that inheritance can be performed without laying out the document. This change has the effect of allowing (requiring) percentages to be inherited as percentages and affects many other layout calculations throughout the spec.
  • Many margin calculation improvements; the position property now applies to all elements, including generated content, floats are no longer required to have an explicit width, and many other changes to the layout algorithms.
  • The list styles ‘hebrew’, ‘armenian’, ‘georgian’, ‘cjk-ideographs’, ‘hiragana’, ‘katakana’, ‘hiragana-iroha’ and ‘katakana-iroha’ have been removed.
  • Aural style sheets are not supported.

This version will remain a Candidate Recommendation until December 20, 2007.  At that time, the World Wide Web Consortium will decide if it is ready to be come a standard.


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