Oskope is a visual search engine. In this iteration, you can choose between databases, e.g., Amazon, Flickr, YouTube, and eBay. After choosing Amazon, which is most like our library collections, it guides you through the choice of subject areas, each time also offering you the ability to search within that set. So, you could work via topics, e.g., Music – Classical – Instruments – Strings – Violin, or stop at any point and search within that subset, e.g., Music – Classical – Instruments – Strings, search “Hilary Hahn.”

Hilary Hahn Search

As you search you can see art work, book or album/DVD covers, popping up. When you hover, more information is provided. From there, you can go to another image or click to go to more information about that work.

Interesting interface – wonder how it would work on our databases and if it would be an improvement or not.

[from Web4Lib]


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