Dublin Core Standard Updated

In August, the World Wide Web Consortium replaced its standard for Dublin Core. The original RFC (Request for Comments) was 2413 and was based on Dublin Core 1.0; the current one is 5013 and is based on Dublin Core 1.1. The changes, according to the RFC:

The main differences between the present RFC and RFC 2413 are in the wording of definitions — for Contributor and Date (semantically broadened), for Relation (clarified), and in the general removing of redundant references to “the content of” a resource. In addition, the present RFC recommends lowercase element names (consistent with RDF property types), remains silent about the unrestrictedness of element ordering and repeatability (application profiles being the proper place to discuss such topics), and references the current abstract model, vocabularies, and namespace policies in which the Dublin Core is embedded.

[from Catalogablog]


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