Discounted MS Office for College Students

Although done in an unorthodox way, Microsoft is providing a large discount for college students that would like to purchase Office Ultimate 2007. If you have an email address with the domain “edu” from a US educational institution and are actively enrolled with at least .5 credit hours (and can prove it), you can purchase Office 2007 for $60 instead of over $600.

The reason I mentioned “unorthodox” is because of the web site used for this offer:

The Ultimate Steal
The offer is called “The Ultimate Steal.” The name raised red flags for me immediately — is this really Microsoft? Or is it another company making money off bootlegged copies? Or is it a phishing scheme? It doesn’t look like a Microsoft site, so I wasn’t sure this was a valid offer. The Microsoft logo is visible in the bottom right, but how hard is it to copy and paste a logo?

However, since this is aimed at college students, I guess they are assuming that they wouldn’t think of these issues . . . or may not care.

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a great offer! It just took me a little longer to realize that it was a valid one.

[from CNET]


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