Game Using Your Head!

Instead of using hand-controlled joysticks for gaming, researchers are working with brain-controlled joysticks.  Brain-Controlled Interfaces (BCI) allow you to control things with your mind.  Some gaming companies are set to release BCI-controlled games in the next year.

Although this sounds great, other scientists worry that the way you must train your brain for gaming might cross over into real life.  For example, there are currently BCIs that help handicapped people learn or re-learn to use wheelchairs, computers, and switches.  One game requires the gamer to relax in order for their virtual car to go faster in a race.  Moving that relaxation into a real car may have disastrous results.

The bottom line is that we don’t have any long-term experience with BCI gaming.  We’ll have to keep watch on the research.

[from Wired]


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