Information Tomorrow

Moving away from the “library 2.0” and “web 2.0” type books, Rachel Singer Gordon has pulled together a number of essays on different types of technologies and their effect on libraries. Instead of the typical Flickr, Google Reader, wikis chapters, we see:

  • information on handhelds, their access to the catalog, mobile ebooks, and communicating via handhelds
    • free and open source software that can be used in libraries
    • issues dealing with adding or modifying your ILS with outside programming
    • electronic publishing, how it works and affects libraries
    • academic libraries as scholarly publishers
    • gaming in libraries
    • libraries and Google
    • libraries and the read/write web
    • libraries and privacy
    • how to build a web site full of positive experiences
    • implementing library 2.0 services
    • libraries and virtual worlds
    • blended librarianship
    • technology training and LIS programs
    • technostress
    • future of libraries

    Although I haven’t had a chance to read it yet, it looks as if we are now moving on from the “what is it” to “what are the ramifications.” I’m looking forward to getting my copy.

    Gordon, Rachel Singer. Information Tomorrow: Reflections on Technology and the Future of Public and Academic Libraries. Information Today, 2007. ISBN 78-1-57387-303-1.


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