Wireless Policy Checklist

MaintainIT posted a checklist for wireless policies, courtesy of Louise Alcorn. In an earlier post, she states:

Policy is a good issue, though I think some libraries over-policy the wireless. If you have a good library computer/internet use policy and a good library conduct policy, you are largely covered. You need some wording changes for wireless (e.g. ‘…when using library services’ not ‘library equipment’ since they’re using their own equipment, and so forth) and some clear language on what you do/do not offer (printing, downloads, streaming audio/video, etc.).

In addition, however, she identifies and discusses some possible additions to your Internet policy as a checklist:

  • Network security
  • Network availability
  • Limitations on use
  • Personal equipment security
  • Filtering
  • Support

Definitely worth your time to look at her brief discussions and check your own policy to see if you’ve covered these points.


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