Cascading Style Sheets Snapshot 2007

I teach Cascading Style Sheets, so as a result, I try to keep up with the specification. Versions 1 and 2 were relatively easy to incorporate. However, with the next version(s), the World Wide Web Consortium has decided to break the specification into pieces, or modules — the Cascading Style Sheets Snapshot 2007. I cannot explain it any better than they do:

When the first CSS specification was published, all of CSS was contained in one document that defined CSS Level 1. CSS Level 2 was defined also by a single, multi-chapter document. However for CSS beyond Level 2, the CSS Working Group chose to adopt a modular approach, where each module defines a part of CSS, rather than to define a single monolithic specifcation. This breaks the specification into more manageable chunks and allows more immediate, incremental improvement to CSS.

Since different CSS modules are at different levels of stability, the CSS Working Group has chosen to publish this profile to define the current scope and state of Cascading Style Sheets as of late 2007. This profile includes only specifications that we consider consider stable and for which we have enough implementation experience that we are sure of that stability.

It looks as if the W3C will be updating this Snapshot, allowing us to know which parts of the specification are stable.  It’s different, but doable.  Looks like I’ll need to update my CSS classes!  😉

[from  Cafe con Leche XML News and Resources]


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