A Real Weasley Clock?

Well, not quite, but Microsoft Research Cambridge has created a prototype clock that will tell you generally where each of your family is using cell phone signals, e.g., home, work, school, and elsewhere. Called the “Whereabouts Clock,” it requires software to be downloaded on each of the phones.

The first time a family member arrives at one of the three specific locations, they press a button to lock in that location. Then their picture on the clock moves to that location. You can also send a text message to the clock, letting your family know of any changes in schedule.

Whereabouts Clock

There are other services which provide location-based information, however, they are very specific in their locations. This research group felt that these general categories helped downplay any privacy concerns and allowed families to understand this information at a glance.

Think this is great? I do, too. Unfortunately, there are no plans for manufacturing and selling it. Sigh . . .

[from Discovery]


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