Year-End Wrap-Up for Search Engines

Both Google and Yahoo provide a year-end summary of the types of searches done throughout the year.  Most of the summaries provide little new, but bringing it all together allows you to consider the year as a whole.

Google’s 2007 Zeitgeist is divided into five major parts:

  • Overall — fastest rising and fastest falling searches
  • Newsmakers –most popular, most searched for in presidential campaign, lawsuits, and rumors
  • Showbiz — top TV shows, movies, and lyrics
  • All the Rage — top ringtones, recipes, diets, and fitness searches
  • Top of Mind — who is, what is, how to searches

Yahoo’s Top Trends in Search in 2007 looked more for trends in searching.  In other words, what types of searches did we make and within each type, what were the top 10:

  • Top 10 news stories
  • Top 10 environmental stories
  • Top 10 troubled stars
  • Top 10 in tech
  • Top 10 consumer call-backs
  • Top 10 sports news
  • Top 10 send-offs
  • Top 10 on
  • Top 10 on Yahoo! Kids

All very interesting stuff.  The most interesting to me were Google’s Top of Mind questions — what were people trying to find?  Who is god, who is Jesus, who is Satan?  What is love, what is rss, what is gout?  How to kiss, how to hack, how to crochet.


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