Perceptions of Integrated Library Systems 2007

Marshall Breeding, who has written the Automated Systems Marketplace article for Library Journal for the past 6 years, has written an accompanying article — Perceptions of Integrated Library Systems 2007.  He surveyed libraries on their satisfaction levels with their current system, the company, customer support, the likelihood of purchasing their next system from the same company, and how likely they would be to purchase an open source library system.

As Marshall states, these results should not be taken by themselves, however they are very interesting.  Polaris came out ahead in satisfaction of the system, followed by Millennium, Library.Solution, and Circulation Plus.  The same four topped the list for satisfaction overall for the company, although both Circulation Plus and Millennium’s scores were lower here than for their systems.  In satisfaction for customer support, Polaris again topped the list — this time with a sizable lead over the next group.  The results from the next question, the likelihood of purchasing your next system from your current vendor, has similar results.  The same vendors are in the top 4, with Polaris leading.

The last question asked about the likelihood of considering an open source ILS.  These results are interesting in that there doesn’t seem to be an overwhelming positive response to this.  Using a range of 1-10, the most likely would be those using Voyager and the mean was 4.27.  Of course, the happier you are with your current system, the less likely you’ll look elsewhere, even open source, for another.

Very interesting results which you can slice and dice to your heart’s content.

[from  LIS News]


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