Security Precautions for Wireless on Laptops

Excellent article on the things to consider while traveling with your laptop:

If you don’t have time to read it, here are the high points:

  • Keep it with you at all times
  • Use a cable lock if you have to leave it out – lock it to something permanent, not a table leg  😉
  • Place important documents on a USB/flash drive that is encrypted
  • Password your BIOS
  • Password important files/directories on your laptop
  • When connecting to a “foreign” network, be sure you have a personal firewall working and up to date
  • Be sure you’re connecting to a legitimate wireless network – ask the organization/hotel/conference which one you should connect to
  • Use a VPN if at all possible, as they are difficult to hack
  • Turn off file sharing unless you need it
  • If you aren’t using the wireless capability, turn it off!

Excellent advice from ExtremeTech!


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