Clothes That Read Your Vital Signs

Smartex is currently marketing the result of one of their research projects. “Wealthy” (wearable health care system):

. . . is a wearable fully integrated system, able to acquire, simultaneously and in a natural environment, a set of physiological parameters like electrocardiogram, respiration, posture, temperature, movement index.

WealthyIt’s a wearable unitard that has electrodes and leads woven into the material. It wirelessly sends information to another device, e.g., a laptop, which monitors and records the data. In the future, they hope doctors will be able to monitor cardiac patients in this way.

According to Wired, these are other research projects this company is working on:

  • a piezoelectric shirt that will let disabled people operate a wheelchair using only shoulder nudges
  • a Spider-Man-like glove made of red Lycra that can be used to perform sign language that a computer translates into words
  • a truck seat upholstered in fabric that recognizes the driver by monitoring “load distribution” 😉

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