Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1

Microsoft is allowing developers to download the first beta of Internet Explorer version 8. They are asking the rest of us to wait until at least the second beta. However, some of the changes they’ve made should be helpful:

  • URLs in the Address Bar will now have the owning domain name highlighted. For example, you might see:
    The bolding of the owning domain name should allow you to more readily see which server you are dealing with — especially when it comes to phishing scams.
  • It will delete extra carriage returns and spaces in URLs. For example, when you receive email messages, sometimes the URLs are wrapped. When you copy the URL into the Address Bar, you usually don’t get the whole thing — you should with IE 8.
  • “Emulate as IE7” button will allow you to see a website as IE7 would have. As IE8 should be much more standards compliant by default, this may help in looking at websites that were written to Microsoft’s standards instead of the web’s standards.
  • The default rendering will be standards-compliant; in order to see a page as IE7 does, you can add a meta element to those web pages.

[from IE Blog]
[from IE Blog]
[from IE Blog]


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