TV on Your Computer

It’s coming! In other countries, television programs and videos are already streamed to cell phones. However, here in the United States, it’s a little different.

NBC Universal and News Corp. have banded together to provide Hulu, a free Internet service which provides television shows and movies over the web. Some of their partners include Fox, Sony, Warner Brothers, MGM, the NBA, Lionsgate, FX, E! Entertainment, Bravo, National Geographic, and USA Networks. Be aware that the service is free, but it is ad-supported. So, expect commercials!

The interface is very nice! Go to the home page and choose something . . . anything! I chose Ice Age. Here are your basic options:

  • Embed – provides you with the HTML to embed this video into your website or blog (although I couldn’t get it to work with WordPress)
  • Email — provides you with a URL that goes directly to your video that you can send via email
  • Share — options to post this video to one of your social networking profiles
  • Details — basic information about the video
  • Full Screen — <esc> takes you back to the original mode
  • Pop Out — loads video into a new window
  • Lower Lights — the screen is divided horizontally into three rows with the video in the middle; this option will dim the top and bottom rows. My favorite option!
  • Hi-Res — loads the high resolution video



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