Classical Ring Tones!

Ring tones have been around for a while.  You can purchase your own, make your own, or use the ones that come with the phone.  However, it hasn’t been easy, until now, to find good, classical ring tones.  The couple that come with the phones are not the best quality.  I currently have an aria from Mozart’s The Magic Flute, but it’s getting old.

But Boosey & Hawkes, a well-known music publisher, has now come to the rescue.  Booseytones provides not just ringtones, but also wallpaper and full music downloads of classical music.  Even better for musicians, there are polyphones (synthesized sounds recordings) as well as truetones (real sound recordings).  (Check the phone listing to see which type of ring tone your phone can use.)  The difference between the two is truly astounding!

At this point, these ring tones are only available to subscribers of AT&T Mobility, Cingular, Dobson, Sprint, and T-Mobile.

[from New York Times]


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