Raine’s Stats on Internet Use

Lee Raine of the Pew Internet and American Life Project spoke at the Computers in Libraries conference.  Always interesting, he provides us with more information to consider as we look at libraries and their place in our communities:

  • 2000: 56% of adults used the Internet, 5% had broadband at home, 50% owned a cell phone, and none connected wirelessly to the Internet
  • 2008: 75% of adults use the Internet, 54% have broadband at home, 78% own a cell phone, and 62% connect wirelessly to the Internet
  • Cell phone users are more likely to be from lower-income households, have lower levels of education, and be minorities.
  • 62% of young adult users have uploaded photos; 34% of all users
  • 58% of online teens have created a profile on a social network; 33% of adults do
  • 26% of young adults have created webpages or blogs for others; 13% of online adults have
  • 33% of college students keep blogs and regularly post; 12% of adults have a blog
  • 54% of college students read blogs; 35% of online adults do
  • 19% of online young adults have created an avatar; 6% of online adults have

He cited an IMLS study and provided these statistics:

  • 53% of American adults have been to the library within the past year
  • 62% of ages 18-30 have visited the library within the past year
  • 60% of online teens use the Internet at the library

There are other great stats in this overview of his presentation.  Take a few minutes to look it over!


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