Standard License for E-Resources?

You bet!  NISO now has a document, called the Shared e-Resource Understanding (SERU), created by librarians and vendors, that describes common understandings for the licensing of electronic resources.  The idea is to save both libraries and vendors time and money during the negotiation phase and provide these resources to our patrons more quickly.

The document itself is very short — only 5 pages.  The guidelines take up only 3 of those.  Statements include:

  • The Subscription
  • The Subscribing Institution and Its Authorized Users
  • Use of Materials
  • Inappropriate Use
  • Confidentiality and Privacy
  • Online Performance and Service Provision
  • Archiving and Perpetual Access

You can see a list of vendors/providers and libraries that have already registered and are willing to use this document in lieu of a negotiated license.  UTEP, Trinity University and Amigos Library Services are currently the Texas-based organizations listed.

[from Web4Lib]


One response to “Standard License for E-Resources?

  1. Todd Carpenter November 11, 2008 at 3:30 pm

    Thank you for the enthusiasm about SERU.

    Two important points:

    1) SERU is not a license, not a model license, and not. It is a recommended practice that presents a framework for publishers and libraries to forego a license when the perceived risks are low.

    2) SERU is not meant to be appropriate in every situation. If your organization feels that it deviates from your needs in ANY WAY, than SERU is not appropriate for you. It may not be changed, only referred to.

    The link to the registry and more information about SERU is here:

    If you would like more details about participating, please email nisohq (AT) niso (DOT) org.

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