Web Publishers Have Free Access to Encyclopedia Britannica

Encyclopedia Britannica is now providing access to their content free to those who publish on the web.  Called Britannica WebShare, it allows bloggers, webmasters, writers, and editors to use EB at no charge.  When linking to EB, those using those links will be able to go directly to the content.

There is an application form and they have the final say as to whether they will provide you with free access.  They have general guidelines:

While the number of people eligible for free subscriptions under the Britannica WebShare program is large and growing rapidly, it is limited. Since the aim of the program is to promote the use of Britannica reference material in discussions about issues of broad or special interest, the people most engaged in those discussions are the ones who are eligible. Here we’re talking about Web sites that are about something and discuss that thing or things with some focus and at some length.

This includes but isn’t limited to sites about news, education, sports, business, culture, academic disciplines, and general commentary.

I’ve applied; you’ll know whether I’ve been accepted if I start using EB links in these posts.

[from LISNews]


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