Cell Phones Looking for Best Connection?

Last year, Google submitted a patent that was just published in September.  Here’s the abstract:

A method of initiating a telecommunication session for a communication device include submitting to one or more telecommunication carriers a proposal for a telecommunication session, receiving from at least one of the one or more of telecommunication carriers a bid to carry the telecommunications session, and automatically selecting one of the telecommunications carriers from the carriers submitting a bid, and initiating the telecommunication session through the selected telecommunication carrier.

What does it mean?  What I’ve been reading puts the current telecommunications industry on its head.  Instead of having a single carrier for a single device, e.g., Verizon for your cell phone, each time you moved into a different area, the telecommunications providers would compete for your business.  The one that won would continue, transparently, your call.

Your bid could be based on several things, like speed of connection, bandwidth of connection, or cost.  The connection providers could be cell providers, WiMax providers, or WiFi hotspots.  All would have the ability to continue your service.

What a different world this would be if we were not tied to a single provider.  It’s very difficult to see how this might come to pass, but it’s a very interesting idea, nonetheless.

[from CNET News]


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