Live Mesh and The Cloud

Cloud computing has started to make the rounds.  The idea of having everything available to you no matter where you are is very appealing.  Your email is on one server, your files on another, your favorites on another, your company’s files on another, your back-up on another.  Everything could be “in the cloud” — at least that’s what they are telling us.

Live Mesh betaMicrosoft has begun their cloud service — Live Mesh beta.  Although it will be much more, right now it is primarily about synchronizing files.  You can have files and directories synchronized across many computers or devices (including mobile devices), share files/directories with others, and access your computer (and its programs) remotely from any computer.

There is other software that has similar functionality.  According to CNET, however, there is more coming:

The vision for Live Mesh is broader–envisioning people sharing data among Macs, PCs, and various devices, as well as opening up the possibility for desktop applications to add online components, and Web apps to add offline components.

It’s a free service . . . at least for now; all you need is a Windows ID.

[from CNET News]


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