APIs from the New York Times

A while back, I wrote about the Movie Reviews API from the New York Times.  It’s a great way to include reviews in your catalog or blog or website.  However, I hadn’t been back since and now see that they’ve created many more APIs which may also be of use to libraries.

The main page for their APIs is at http://developer.nytimes.com/docs, providing you with their Terms of Use, guidelines, how to request a key for those APIs you’d like to use, and an FAQ.  However, look at the APIs they’ve created:

  • Article Search, from 1981 to the present
  • Best Sellers
  • Campaign Finance, according to filings with the United States Federal Election Commission
  • Community, comments by New York Times’ users
  • Congress, which includes voting data
  • New York Legislature
  • Real Estate, within New York City
  • New York Times Newswire, up to the minute stream of NYT articles
  • TimesPeople, a social network for NYT readers
  • TimesTags, filtering by tags

This is a great service that we can use to enhance our own information.  If only they would add a search by title to the Movie Reviews API, I’d be ecstatic!  😉

[from ResearchBuzz]


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