Apple’s iPad

It’s been a few weeks now and even though we don’t have iPads for sale yet, more information and discussion is being posted about this device. I was able to listen live to the Apple presentation and, I admit, I was very impressed. By the end, I wanted one. However, now that there has been more analysis . . . I still want one – just not quite yet.

It’s a great device — looks great and looks simple to use; elegant, as most Apple products are.  It does some fantastic things, including web browsing using Safari, incorporates multi-touch, changes orientation, has a virtual keyboard, flip through photos as you do in the iPhone, iPod application for music, an ebook reader, notes/calendar/contacts, accessibility features like a screen reader, and Wi-Fi.

So, what’s stopping me?  It doesn’t support Flash, it doesn’t allow multi-tasking . . . yet, and the price is a little high right now.

Wi-Fi only version – starts at $499 for 16GB; up to $699 for 64GB
Wi-Fi and 3G version – starts at $629 for 16GB; up to $829 for 64GB (must also purchase data plan from AT&T – $14.99/month for 250MB and $29.99 for unlimited)

I would also need a real keyboard, but that is available as an add-on.  Unlike the Kindle, it comes with a cover.

It should be available in late March; the 3G version in late April.  I think I’ll wait for the next version, but it’s tempting . . .

[from Apple]


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