Saving Digital for One Billion Years

Yes, that’s what the researchers are thinking.  They are working with nanotechnology that would allow one terabyte of data to reside on one square inch.  From the article in, it is an:

. . . experimental memory device consisting of an iron nanoparticle (1/50,000 the width of a human hair) enclosed in a hollow carbon nanotube. In the presence of electricity, the nanoparticle can be shuttled back and forth with great precision. This creates a programmable memory system that, like a silicon chip, can record digital information and play it back using conventional computer hardware.

I cannot even visualize how this works, as it’s so small.  The idea of a nanoparticle being placed “with great precision” is something I have a difficult time imagining.

In addition to the size, the data should have a lifetime of a billion years.  Wouldn’t it be great it if that happened!


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