Legal Issues of Cloud Computing

Part one of (hopefully) a 2-part series on the legalities of cloud computing – Legal Implications of Cloud Computing.  In this first piece, author David Navetta provides an overview of the problems cloud computing is creating in the legal sphere:

  • Data may reside on multiple servers in multiple geographic regions over time
  • How can personal and confidential information be “reasonably secure” when cloud providers may well outsource to each other?
  • Electronic evidence may be difficult to find and produce if it is in the cloud and not on a specific server

I’ve skimmed the legal issues before, but never seen them laid out so concisely. Historically, it takes the legal profession time to catch up with newer technologies; it looks like this will not be an exception. However, with the federal government moving toward cloud computing, it will be interesting to see how quickly this changes, if at all.

Looking forward to part two!

[from LLRX]


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