Digital Magazines

Jason Griffey has a very interesting  article in American Libraries.  Not a lot of text, but links to some videos that really make you think about the changes that are coming to the magazine industry. Most of these are basing their ideas on access to a tablet, but phones or computers should also work.

  • The first video focuses on Wired Magazine and their partnership with Adobe to create a digital experience.  As a technology magazine, they’ve always been on the forefront and have tried many different things.  This is another and I think I’m finally starting to realize where this industry could be headed.
  • The second focuses on Sports Illustrated. It seems they are not as far along as Wired – lots of mock-ups versus real content in Wired. However, SI is more mainstream, so it may be the one that most people would hear about.
  • The third focuses on a magazine that is only digital – VIV – and how they are taking it to the next level with a video-based table of contents.

If you follow links from this article, you’ll come across one about Cynergy’s magazine kiosk idea. This discusses using Microsoft’s Surface as a kiosk. Bring your tablet, be sure you’re signed in, set it on the table, flick magazines onto your tablet, pick it up and leave. Wouldn’t it be great if circulation could be that easy? I would love bring my tablet to the library, flick some books and magazines onto it using my account and leave with them. It would be great . . . (sigh . . . )


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