Captions in YouTube

Google has been working on speech-to-text functionality and has now brought it to the YouTube audience. “Auto-captioning” will be available (over time) for all videos uploaded to YouTube. There are some caveats, though:

  • Right now, English only
  • If it is difficult to understand the speaker, it will be difficult or impossible to provide a caption
  • Captioning will not be perfect, but owners can edit or upload their own caption

It looks like captioning is an “opt out” function;. That is, the caption is shown by default; you have to turn it off if you don’t want it. Here’s an example (hover over the arrow in the bottom right):

Twenty hours of video is uploaded per hour — it will take a while for this to be available across all videos, but won’t it be great when it is! In addition to providing additional accessibility, it will also provide additional text for search engines, so video will be found much more easily.

[from ResearchBuzz]


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