Another Study on Texting

. . . but this one may surprise you. All the studies I’ve seen state that texting while driving is detrimental to your driving and to those around you. Not so here.

Two researchers from the University of Utah studied 200 college students, ages 18 -43. They asked them to become comfortable using a driving simulator and then timed them during acceleration and braking situations.

The researchers then used hands-free cell phones to read 2-5 words to the students, interspersing simple math problems that had to be determined to be true or false.

On average, the students took 20% longer to brake; word recall fell by 11% and math accuracy fell by 3%. However, there were a few that showed no discernable degredation at all – braking times were the same, math the same, and word recall actually increased by 3%.

Researchers thought they had a handle on multitasking, but with these results, there are more questions — why can a small percentage of people seemingly multitask with no ill effects? That’s their next research project – are these people more efficient in how they work, or do their brains work differently? Stay tuned!

[from Wired Science]


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