Haptic Hugs

Researchers in Japan are mimicking physical emotions like the pressure of a hug using a wearable vest. The I_FeelIM (I Feel Therefore I Am) system includes:

  • HaptiHug which reproduces the pressure felt on the chest and back when you are given a hug
  • HaptiHeart reproduces noticeable heartbeat patterns for sadness, anger, and fear
  • HaptiButterfly and HaptiTickler reproduce butterflies in the stomach and nervousness
  • HaptiShiver and HaptiTemper reproduce shivers running up and down your spine

I_FeelIMThe focus of these behaviors is to provide a more immersive experience in virtual worlds like Second Life, instant messaging, Twitter, and even email. Computer-mediated communication lacks the emotion of a face-to-face experience; researchers hope to bring some of these sensations back to our conversations.

[from CNET]


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