Saving on Printing Costs

In an earlier post, I mentioned that the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay had changed their default font and, as a result, saved on ink costs. Since then, I found that, a Dutch company that compares printers and their costs, did a study encompassing more fonts. In their results, they found that Century Gothic is the most economical font, followed closely by Ecofont, Times Roman, Calibri, and Verdana.

In the comments, however, I saw a very practical idea — print in draft when you can. That probably saves more money than using any of the fonts above.

[from CNET]


One response to “Saving on Printing Costs

  1. Haim Toeg September 11, 2010 at 12:10 pm

    These are all excellent ways to reduce ink and toner consumption, but they depend on enforcement and goodwill of the users to implement.

    There is an additional way to reduce toner and ink expense that has significantly more impact than font changes and draft mode enforcement.

    Our product, PretonSaver, has been certified by several independent labs to reduce toner and ink consumption by anywhere between 25% – 40% out of the box, without degrading print quality and with no need to change printing characteristics. Draft mode, as recommended above, reduces toner consumption by about 10%, but degrades print quality.

    We invite you to visit our site and learn more about the product, or contact us directly at

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