Raise your hand if you like wearing bifocals!  Trifocals? Help may be on the way . . .

Later this year, you may be hearing about “e-glasses,” which adapt to where you’re looking with the click of a button. One click, close reading; another click, distance; a third click, mid-distance. From CNET:

The lenses are made with a type of liquid crystal, sandwiched between traditional plastic lenses, that reacts according to the electrical charge passing through it. The frames run on rechargeable batteries. Pressing the button sends a low-wattage jolt through the liquid crystal, which expands or contracts to change the shape of the lenses, thereby changing the focal range.
PixelOptics, the company creating the glasses, is also determining how to have the glasses automatically adjust — by where your head is. Looking down? Close work. Looking forward? Distance.  How are they doing this? The same way the iPods do — using accelerometers.
If you want the details, this 8-minute video is quite interesting:

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