IEEE 802.3ba Standard

Those of you who work with the physical networks at your institutions are very familiar with the IEEE 802.3 standards. They deal with the speed of the wired network. Some of the most popular in libraries are:

  • 802.3 – 10mb/s over thick coax
  • 802.3a – 10mb/s over thin coax
  • 802.3i – 10mb/s over twisted pair
  • 802.3u – Fast Ethernet – 100mb/s

This standard has continually been updated to work over different media and at different speeds. The newest variant — 802.3ba — allows both 40gb/s and 100gb/s ethernet. Consider how fast this is:

  • One Blu-Ray disc holds 50gb
  • DVD-R holds 4.7gb

Don’t expect hardware to support this soon, as it’s just been ratified, but it’s coming.

[from Help Net Security]


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