Wireless Broadband Alliance Includes AT&T & Verizon

The focus of the Wireless Broadband Alliance is to promote interoperability between WiFi networks and hotspots. They have created a standard for WiFi roaming that is global. That is, if you are on one of the member’s networks, you should be able to move to another member’s transparently.

This summer, both AT&T and Verizon joined this group. They are hoping to offload some of the traffic running over their 3G and 4G networks, moving it to nearby WiFi networks, if they are available. So, if you are an AT&T customer using their 3G network, and if you are within distance of a T-Mobile hotspot, you should be able to use T-Mobile’s wireless with your AT&T login/password. Since most WiFi networks are faster than 3G, this should also provide users with a faster connection.

[from CNET]


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