Checking Your Browser for HTML5 Compliance

Before you do this, remember that HTML5 is not yet a standard. However, many of the current browsers and particularly those that are being designed now, are supporting bits and pieces of HTML5.

That said, do you want to see how well your current browser supports the next HTML standard? Go to “The HTML5 Test” and find out.

Although this will change, a perfect score is 300 right now. The details concerning the test are at the bottom of the resulting web page.  Here’s how my browsers fared – all on Windows 7:

  • Safari 5.0.1 – 207 + 7 bonus points
  • Opera 10.61 – 159 + 7 bonus points
  • Firefox 3.6.8 — 139 + 4 bonus points
  • Internet Explorer 8.0.7600.16385CO – 27 points

You can easily see how far IE has to go, but in their defense, they are working HTML5 into version 9, not retrofitting it into version 8.

HTML5 Compliance for Safari


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