CSS3 Editors

If you have delved into CSS3, one thing I’m sure you’ve noticed is the multiple ways of defining the same property in different browsers. For example, in CSS3 you can set the opacity of an element. In order to do that now, here’s an example of the code you would use:

-moz-opacity: 0.6;         /* Mozilla extension */
-khtml-opacity:0.6;        /* Konqueror extension (Safari 1.1)*/
opacity: 0.6;              /* from the standard */

The reason for this duplication is that the standard has not yet been finalized. So, in order to be sure the functionality works, browser manufacturers create their own browser-specific properties. When the standard has been completed, these properties will not be needed.

Even without these properties, the functionality contained within CSS3 is so diverse that getting comfortable with creating it by hand may take a while. There are CSS3 online code editors that can help with that task. Here are a few that I am aware of:

Although I have not worked extensively with all of them, each looks like they could be helpful. I’ll probably end up using at least two on an on-going basis.

[from Wired]


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