What Americans Do Online

Nielsen data for June 2009 – June 2010 shows how Americans spend our time online:

US time spent online

There is nothing surprising here — social networking (22.7%) and online gaming (10.2%) at the top of the list, with email coming in at 8.3%. However, they’ve also done a study of what Americans do on their mobile phones:

On the mobile side, email is the definite winner at 41%, with portals at 11.6% and social networks at 10.5%. Quite a difference from the previous statistics.

This is all in the midst of change, of course. You might think that, although email is prominent on mobile devices, that it’s share is probably declining; actually, that isn’t true. From the previous year’s statistics, email actually increased its share from 37% – 41%.

I find it interesting that the advertising for mobile devices is primarily geared toward the younger generation, who focus on social networking when the most popular application – email – is probably due to the working crowd.

[from NielsenWire]


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